Hamstring & Thigh Supports

Hamstring & Thigh Supports at PhysioSupports.com.au can be used to treat and prevent a range of injuries related to these areas of the body including sports hernia, hamstring strain, hip bursitis and more. These supports are ideal for participants of field and track sports such as footballers, rugby players and runners.

There are numerous muscles in the upper leg that work to bend and straighten the knee and hip. In addition to this there are adductor muscles on the inside of the leg which bring the thigh back to a central position, these muscles are more commonly known as the groin muscles. During sport and exercise these muscles are put under considerable stress and can become damaged. In addition to resting the injured muscle many athletes use compression shorts to help with their rehabilitation. Compression can help with blood flow to the affected area and increase the speed at which any swelling is reduced and aid in the muscle repairing itself.

Compression shorts, also known as neoprene shorts, warm pants, lycra pants or under shorts are useful in the treatment and prevention of hamstring strains, hamstring tears, groin injuries, hip injuries and thigh strains by providing pressure and therapeutic heat. They are also beneficial in the management and rehabilitation of Gilmore's Groin and sports hernias.

A neoprene thigh support or thigh sleeve provides compression and warmth to a thigh injury, which improves blood flow and speeds up recovery from a hamstring strain. Alternatively, cryotherapy in the form of the Tynor Thigh Support/Cuff minimises pain while reducing swelling to the thigh following high impact sports injuries or strains. Tapered shape and unique weave provides uniform compression throughout the surface of thigh and firm support to quadriceps and hamstrings.

We have a complete range of ankle, knee, calf, thigh, wrist, thumb, elbow, back, shoulder and groin braces, meaning there'll always be something to suit your needs.

This in-depth product catalogue features specialised materials and intelligent designs for targeted support, comfort and reinforcement where it is needed most.

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